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Pilot plant “Teploagregat” – is one of the leading Russian modern manufacturers of ventilation and heating equipment for all branches of industry. More than 17 years our plant improves quality of the equipment and manufacturing process, expands product line, implements new technologies that meet quality, reliability and safety requirements. In 2013 plant “Teploagregat” was awarded the status “Top performer of industry- 2013” in Russian business rating.

Nowadays Pilot plant “Teploagregat” LLC produces the following products:

Heating equipment:

  1. Hot water & steam coils, chilled oil coils, electric air heating coils
  2. Hot air generators
  3. Hot air curtains
  4. Electric heating coils units
  5. Hot-air units
  6. Heat exchangers

Industrial fans

  1. High, medium and low pressure centrifugal fans
  2. Axial fans
  3. Roof fans
  4. Fumes, dust or smoke removal
  5. Dust collectors
  6. Cyclones
  7. Air dampers
  8. Flexible duct connectors

Exhaust and draft units

  1. Mill fans
  2. Blowers and smoke exhaust

Electric motors

  1. Electric motors for axial fans drive
  2. Electric motors for axial fans drive in cooling system of transformers
  3. Explosion proof motors (IP23)
  4. General purpose ABB motors aluminum frame EE ie1
  5. General purpose ABB motors aluminum frame EE ie2
  6. General purpose ABB motors iron frame EE ie2
  7. Electric motors with electromagnetic brake
  8. APM series motors
  9. Slip-ring induction crane motors
  10. Squirrel cage crane motors
  11. Two speed squirrel cage crane motors


  1. Cradle-mounted pumps
  2. Cradle-mounted pumps with end-face seal
  3. Single block motor bucket pumps
  4. Single block motor bucket pumps with end-face seal
  5. Double-entry pumps
  6. Multi stage vertical split casing pumps
  7. Suction pump with water eliminator
  8. Cradle-mounted peripheral pumps
  9. Self-priming peripheral pumps
  10. Inclined rotor pump
  11. Cradle-mounted peripheral jacketed pumps
  12. Cradle-mounted peripheral for oil products
  13. Self-priming peripheral pumps for oil products
  14. Oil wheel pumps
  15. Chemical centrifugal pumps
  16. Condensate-extraction pumps
  17. Upright condensate-extraction pumps
  18. Fuel transfer self-priming peripheral pumps
  19. Industrial three-screw pumps
  20. Marine three-screw pumps
  21. Waste water stock pumps
  22. Circulation pumps
  23. Feed pumps
  24. Pumps for suspended solids
  25. High-lift pumps for suspended solids
  26. Explosion proof pumps for suspended solids
  27. Sewage pumps
  28. Fecal pumps
  29. Waste water pumps
  30. Vibration pumps
  31. Domestic vibration pumps
  32. Submersible pumps
  33. Machining pumps
  34. Hand-operated pumps
  35. Pumps control stations
  36. Deep well pumps
  37. External fecal pumps
  38. External fecal and waste water stock pumps
  39. Submersible fecal and waste water stock pumps
  40. Submersible pumps for diluted waste and clean water

Vibrators and vibrating equipment

  1. Vibrators of general purpose
  2. Heavy duty vibrators of general purpose
  3. Long life vibrators of general purpose
  4. Explosion proof electromechanical vibrators
  5. Vibrators of general purpose with directed oscillation
  6. DC vibrators
  7. Deep well flexible shaft vibrators
  8. Motor deep well vibrators


  1. Portable, open, single phase, fuel
  2. Portable, open, three phases, fuel
  3. Portable, open, single phase, diesel
  4. Portable, open, three phases, diesel
  5. Portable, noiseless, closed type, single phase, fuel
  6. Portable, noiseless, closed type, three phase, fuel
  7. Portable, two-cylinder, single phase, fuel
  8. Portable, two-cylinder, three phase, fuel
  9. Portable, two-cylinder, single phase, diesel
  10. Portable, two-cylinder, three phase, diesel
  11. Welding fuel generator

Engine-driven pumps

  1. For diluted waste and clean water pumps
  2. Fire power pumps
  3. Pumps for muddy liquids

Tanks equipment. We produce a full range of customized optional equipment

Quality management system ISO 9001-2008 is implemented at Pilot plant “Teploagregat” LLC. We follow guidelines set by the organization. We pay particular attention on quality of our products. Every product is certified and has got a permission to use in hazardous areas.

Our Customers in Russia as well as in CIS States and neighboring countries are entirely satisfied with our products and its quality. Enterprises of atomic, power, oil and gas, metallurgy industries etc. are among our Customers.

Nowadays Pilot plant “Teploagregat” produces such products as: Replacement water & steam coils, chilled oil coils, electric heating coils, hot air generators, hot air curtains, electric heating coils units and hot-air units, high, heat exchangers, medium and low pressure centrifugal fans and axial fans, roof fans and many others.

We’ll be very glad to see you as our partners.



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