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Air heating units models СТД 300 and СТД 300-02

Air heating units models СТД 300 and СТД 300-02к

Air heating units models СТД 300 and СТД 300-02

Application of air heating units СТД

These units are applied to heat air in a farm, industrial and civil facilities. Floor mounted unit.

Hot water or high pressure hot water heating for СТД 300 and СТД 300-02 or dry saturated steam for СТД 300П and СТД 300П-02 within temperature 180°С and pressure 1,2 MPa. Heat carrier must be according item 4 of DDD 34.20.501-95.15-Е “standard code operating rules of power plants and electric networks”. Air should be free of adhesive substances and fibrous materials as per GOST 12.1.005-88.  

The unit should be used in macroclimatic regions with moderate and cold climate (UHL) and allocation category 3 according to GOST 15150.

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Design of air heating units СТД

Unit consits of one heat exchanger (for СТД 300-02 two), axial ventilator BO 12-300 #8, louvre and case mounted on general welding frame. Louvre change heated air flow.  

Heat carrier water or steam. 

Hotter element is steel pipe 16х1,5 or 22х1,5 mm and aliminium coils diameter 39+or 43+1 mm accordingly. Gap 2,8+0,2 mm.

Connection to heat supply system can be both welding and flange.

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Thermotechnical characteristics

Thermotechnical characteristics shown in the table are for the following mode:

  Entering air temperature, °C  
  Entering water temperature, °C 
  Water pressure, MPa, less than    1,2  
  Steam pressure, МPа    0,1  
  Mass flux of air kg/(sm³·sec)3,6 

  Specification     СТД 300    СТД 300П    СТД 300-02    СТД 300П-02  
  Air capacity, m3/h     16000    16000    24600    24600  
  Heat capacity kW    349    349    584    584  
  Heat carrier    water    steam   water   steam  
  Inlet temperature of heat carrier °С not more than    180    180    180    180  
  Motor power kW  0,75    0,75    3,0    3,0  
  Current type motor speed, r/m    1000    1000    1500    1500  
  Current frequency, Hz    50    50    50    50  
  Weight, kg  285    285    450    450  
  Height, mm  1730    1730    1730    1730  
  Width, В, mm  1025    1107    1025    1107  
  Length, L, mm  800    800    980    980  

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