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Cyclone separator model ЦН-15

Cyclone separator model ЦН-15к

Cyclone separator model ЦН-15


Cyclone separators are used for dry purification as well as for aspiration air cleaning.

These models of cyclones are used in iron and non-ferrous industry, in chemical, oil and in engineering industries. It is prohibited to use such models in explosion hazardous area. Also it is not recommended to use them for capturing of fine silt particularly in case of intake hole small sizes.  Depending on gas output and application conditions cyclones can be produced in single (internal diameter 200 to 1200mm) or multiple (two, three, four, six or eight) cyclone towers with the same internal diameters (from 300 to 900mm) versions. Bundled cyclones can be fitted with sweet gas helicoidal chamber or collection drum. It depends on assembling of the cyclones. Cyclones can be fitted with sweet gas hood chamber upon the customer’s request.

Bundled cyclones can be performed with “left” or “right” gas flow rotation. Single ones only with “right” gas flow rotation.

The cyclones bins are pyramid.

Dust continuous discharge should be provided during cyclone separators operation.

Economic velocity is 4,0 m/s. Velocity 2,5 m/s is recommended to work with abrasive dust.

Cyclones are made of WCB (at temperature of -40°С and higher) and of low alloy steel (at temperature below -40°С).

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