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Control cabinet ШУК

Control cabinet ШУКк

Control cabinet ШУК


Control cabinet is designed for automatic control of heating installations СФОА and СФОЦ. Their difference is only fan and heating installations motor stators.

Fan motor input power is 4kW.

Control cabinet can be equipped with temperature controllers and indicators sets according to client's requirements.

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Operating conditions

Cabinets shall be placed in restricted non-hazard area. Electrical shock safety is as per GOST 1st class.

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  Supply voltage in power line, V   380  
  Current    AC, 3 phase 
  Frequency Hz   50  
  Voltage in control line, V    220/380  
  Current    AC, one/two phases  
  Protection    IP54  
  Dimensions (length, width, height)    210х320х390  
  Weight, kg, not more  
  ШУК 20-25  8  
  ШУК 30-40    9  
  ШУК 60-90    10,5  
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