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Fans ВВР

Fans ВВРк


  • High pressure
  • Singe inlet
  • Left and right diection of rotation
  • Radial ended blades
  • 24 blades
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The actual application of a centrifugal fan will depend on its size and its operational speeds.

They are great in places where rapid movement of dirty air of dusty or heavy air has to gotten rid of. This makes BBP fans an excellent air pollution control equipment and pneumatic con equipment that has to deal with large rooms or fast pollutant productions.Centrifugal blowers on the other hand are used to create greater air pressures than any other form of fans. This gives them the power to work against strong system pressures and generate air moving at considerable speeds. This kinetic energy lets these fans to be deployed in applications that need a source of fluid kinetic energy. Possible applications of centrifugal fans include the dust collector bag filter and other machines that have to blow something out of tubes like flour mills.

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